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Movie review for the film Crossroads starring Britney Spears.
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Note: This film has a PG-13 rating.

Junkie Rating:

This film received 1 pop out of 4 pops.This film received 1 pop out of 4 pops.This film received 1 pop out of 4 pops.This film received 1 pop out of 4 pops.


Cast and Credits

Tamra Davis (Director)
Britney Spears
Zoe Saldana
Anson Mount
Taryn Manning
Justin Long
Dan Aykroyd
(Lucy's Dad) 
Kim Cattrall
(Lucy's Mom)  

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      I think some critics have been too nice on this flick.  Leonard Maltin proclaimed this movie as "innocuous and predictable, but you get what you pay for."  Well, even at matinee price of $5.50, I was getting brutally ripped off.  I would put this movie in the same category as "Glitter."  THAT'S how bad it is.  If I was in a life-or-death situation where I had to choose between watching "Crossroads" and "Glitter" I'd choose "Crossroads."  And that's the best compliment I can possibly give.  
      Is Britney a horrible actress?  Yes, and I say that without hesitation.  And I'm not one of those whiny hypocrites who takes delight on bashing the poor girl.  I think she does have talent as a singer--and I like some of her music--but she obviously is not fit for the silver screen.  There's one scene in which she's crying to her father (Dan Aykroyd), yet she doesn't shed a single tear! 
      Most of the cast is second-rate, but there's wasted talent here and there.  I don't know what got into Dan Aykroyd.  He went from being an SNL superstar to taking on thankless roles like this.  He hasn't had a memorable role since "Coneheads"!  Dan, I would fire your agent if I were you.  Zoe Saldana is also a good actress (I'm pretty sure she's the same girl from "Center Stage," a movie I really enjoyed), but her character is dull and two-dimensional--like all the characters in the film.  Kim Catrall (of "Sex and the City" fame) only appears for two minutes as Britney's long lost mother.  Good move, Kim.  Any more screen time and you can say goodbye to your reputation.
      OK, so here's the plot--for anyone who cares.  The film kicks off with Lucy (Britney) and her two friends, at 12 years old, burying a box full of memorable items that they can cherish in years to come.  They made a vow to dig it up after high school graduation.  Well, fast-forward five or six years--the girls have went their separate ways.  Lucy is an introverted bookworm who rarely gets out the house.  Her other friend is a tomboyish pregnant girl.  And the other friend is a stuck-up, popular girl.  Gosh, we've never seen these characters before!!  But they all somehow decide "what the heck" and meet at midnight to dig up that box of memories.  Why?  Because the script tells them to.  After indulging all that beautiful nostalgia, they agree to take a road trip.  The pregnant girl wants to audition for a music company.  And Lucy wants to see her mother in Arizona.  They get an alleged psycho/guitarist to chauffeur them and hit the road Jack!  And nothing but tragedy occurs.  Awww!  
      All the character arcs and plot turns are predictable and contrived.  There are many melancholy moments, but the plot points are so contrived and stilted that I couldn't feel a single emotion--unless you count boredom as an emotion.  Usually, I get teary-eyed when stories involve sons and daughters trying to reunite with their long lost parents.  Not this time.  Yes...it's that bad.  
      "Crossroads" is a dreary mess of a movie.  It doesn't have any energy or charm to move it along.  To focus on the bright side, it's only February and I already have two films to put on my list of Worst Movies of 2002:  this one and "Slackers".  

Matt ( 1 out of 4 pops )


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