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Space Station 3D
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Note: This film has a G rating.

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This film received 4 pops out of 4 pops.This film received 4 pops out of 4 pops.This film received 4 pops out of 4 pops.This film received 4 pops out of 4 pops.

Cast and Credits

Toni Myers (Director)
Tom Cruise (Narrator)


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      Many great people have gone into space and have been part of something that forever they themselves will remember always. I just saw a wonderful short film on the Space Station it was an interesting, and educational experience to see this short 48 minute film. Narrated by Tom Cruise known for his roles in such full-length films like "Magnolia" and "Top Gun" was an adventure that brought you inside the inner workings of a Space Station. IMAX Theater presented the film at the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts.

      The film was called Space Station 3D and it certainly opened your eyes to what happens when a team of Astronauts prepare themselves for a mission to space. For the first time I got to sit in the new 3D IMAX theatre that the New England Aquarium had just completed. The film itself was Directed and filmed by the Astronauts of the International Space Station. It's certainly an in-depth and fascinating way to experience space. On certain television shows and stations like NOVA, Discovery, and the History channel you can learn what is it like in space. This experience at IMAX adds many more dimensions because you are not just looking at your television set in your living room it feels like your right there with them. An IMAX 3D short film an outstanding place to learn. They don't try to get your attention by with loud or disruptive special effects just the full experience.

      The film begins with training and the long process of going into space. It captures interviews with the people on the Space Station itself. It even goes back in time to mid 1960s to show you the history behind the first Space Station too ever been launched. Lockheed Martin presented this film in cooperation with NASA.

     Here are some other events that will be playing at IMAX theatre which I'm looking forward to in seeing "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones", "Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man", "Into the Deep", "Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance" (Narrated by Harrison Ford). Other notable short films like "OceanMen: Extreme Dive".

     -- Dan Berman, Guest Junkie ( 4 out of 4 pops )


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